E3 2017 | Vampyr Flaps Up New E3 Trailer

DONTNOD Entertainment’s latest trailer for Vampyr gets ready for E3 2017 by showing the flu-ridden streets in the upcoming third person action title.

The action RPG title, Vampyr has gained a new trailer, and shows off a 1918 London with people suffering from a flu. The trailer is given the soundtrack of “Devil” by IDA MARIA, a song that helps carry us through the trailer that shows off dark alleyways, blood soaked floors, underground passages, and “The Ascalon Club”, a unique club, run by the richest vampires around.

You take the role of Dr. Jonathan Reid, recently turned into a Vampire against your will. With a new thirst to kill rather than heal, Reid finds himself having to make choices on who to feed on, and in turn grow his abilities, all whilst avoiding Vampire Hunters, Undead Skals, and more. Choices made will affect the game and could possibly lead to the downfall of the entire city district.

The game launches in November 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, pre-orders are already available and will see players getting, “The Hunters Heirlooms” DLC free. This includes two weapons, a Dragonbane sword, a Barker pistol. In addition there will also be a dark physician suit included.

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