E3 2017 | Sea of Thieves Gameplay Trailer Shows Lots of Features

Rare’s pirate themed title in which players hunt for treasure has gotten a brand new gameplay trailer and it’s FILLED with features.

Sea of Thieves sees players sailing a ship, a crew of four pirates cross the seas, going from island to island as they hunt for more and more treasure. The gameplay trailer that we were shown at this years E3 2017 shows off underwater treasure hunting, although it seems a bit weird being able to hold your breath for as long as shown in the below video!

We get to see treasure digging, crews showing each other their maps and clues, pistols being fired, swords being…sworded. The game seems to have an over the top approach to a fun multiplayer experience, as we get to see players being launched out of cannons onto the top of mountains, or onto another enemy players ship to attack their crew.

Not only that, but the sailing seems to be incredibly affected by weather, and we see the damage to the ship affecting the inside. All in all, it looks like a fairly fun experience.

Sea of Thieves will be available on the Xbox One, Xbox One X, and PC and be arriving in the early 2018.

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