E3 2017 – Knack 2 Punches His Way Back Into PlayStation 4 This September

The sequel to the PS4-original platformer will release at the end of summer.

While Knack’s first adventure isn’t held up to high esteem by a part of the gaming community, the game still did enough to ensure a sequel. That sequel got a brand new trailer during Sony’s E3 pre-show and it’s coming to PlayStation 4 on September 5.

Knack 2 features the same platforming the first game did, with action elements and mechanics implying breaking yourself down to a small size or bulking up to a larger one according to circumstances. In the trailer below, you can see all that, with the addition of a brand-new co-op feature, together with the first story tidbits.

The game is marketed as one suitable for kids looking for fun and gamers looking for a challenge. It’s a game you can binge on or visit little by little, with little penalty for stepping out, plot-following-wise. Puzzles, platforming, combat and the controlling of robots and tanks are the playability landmarks of Knack 2.

Knack 2 will make its way to PlayStation 4 on September 5.

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