Dungeon Squeaker Hands On — Minesweeper Mice

Dungeon Squeaker

Dungeon Squeaker — a puzzle-filled adventure game which takes inspiration from Minesweeper — sees you becoming a little mouse with a magical compass keepsake that points the direction to the nearest threat.

This clever pixel game was pitched to me back at the Big Indie Pitch @ Gamescom ‘17, where the developer not only showed off their game in motion, but also pitched their plans for it at the same time!

You are just a little mouse, looking for some big adventures in places you have never been before. With this in mind, you have taken just your magical compass and decided to explore around, level by level, and find whatever treasure and food you can grab. Each level is made up of various tile squares. Some of these squares are clear, showing you what’s on it, while others are covered by some sort of fog. To uncover these tiles, you need to move to the nearest clear tile to push back the fog so you can see the next one.

Dungeon Squeaker gameplay gif

Exploring around and uncovering the full map of each level is worth the time, as there can be secret items and treasure hidden almost anywhere, You should also watch out — there can also be cats, pigs and spikes looking to put an end to your adventure. Your trusty compass will points to the nearest threat, giving you a big heads-up. If you can use your compass to find the exact tile an enemy is on, you can move to the animal and take it out. Spikes always hurt you, but hopefully destroying some of the cats helps you along!

When I first was shown Dungeon Squeaker, I felt that the graphics were hard to understand. After playing through the alpha and messing around with the level editor (yes, this game has its own level editor!), I don’t think I have as much trouble understanding what is going on. It might have just taken me a bit of time to get used to the little world this mouse lives in.

Dungeon Squeaker advanced gameplay

You can try Dungeon Squeaker out for yourself — the alpha contains eight demo levels as well as a short adventure called ‘custom adventure’ for you to explore. If you are into making levels for the game, you can test out their level editor, as well. Over on their game page, you can sign up for their newsletter for updates, or follow @DungeonSqueaker on Twitter!

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