Dream Cycle — A Dive into Magic & Dreams

Dream Cycle, a new title from the creator of Lara Croft, Cathuria Games, is an experience in itself. You step into the shoes of Morgan, an arcane apprentice who finds herself caught up in her uncle’s schemes. With her ability to enter the Dreamlands, Morgan soon finds herself on a quest to restore it and deal with her uncle — once and for all.

Now in its Early Access stage, Dream Cycle already boasts an impressive array of missions and a gorgeous 3D landscape with which our heroine has to traverse. In the fashion of a classic medieval game, you will come across fonts, dastardly foes, and ye olde sprawling castle grounds.

Even the introductory sequence was breathtaking — you wake up as a magical circle begins to fade, and you chase a shadowy form across the lands. Kicking down monsters and the occasional wooden plank made me feel just at home. Morgan’s introduction to mana came in the form of ichor — a black ball of energy floating at the end of a dim hallway. To speak of this energy named after the blood of Greek gods, I will have to mention that I got the scare of my life when I first saw it — thinking it was a monster.

Dream Cycle
Strike when the blade is hot.

Combat and traversal is more than intuitive enough for the average player, and Morgan comes equipped with a sword and boot to start things off. Shortly after starting she picks up a few spells, and the use of stealth to hit enemies in a single blow comes in swiftly too. Dream Cycle also comes with a compendium, where players can learn more about enemies, moves, and more. It is relatively sparse for now, but I’m certain it will make the full game experience into a sprawling one.

Dream Cycle’s Early Access had me smiling as I leaped from distant platforms, or warped myself there with a single spell. Lush landscapes and an array of monsters to fight meant Morgan’s journey would be as perilous as it is fascinating. This first taste makes me look forward to the main course — and I’m sure the Dreamlands will be larger than life.

Grab Dream Cycle’s Early Access on Steam. 

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