Dragon’s Crypt — A lovely pixel dungeon crawler

Moving through an epic dungeon, fighting bugs and bats while collecting new abilities — Dragon’s Crypt is your classic dungeon crawler made with pixel graphics.

Dragon’s Crypt is a simple dungeon crawler. You start off as a character without any weapon, but can soon find a sword. This sword will help you greatly on your adventure — you can use it to turn off torches, kill enemies, break boxes and trigger giant gem totems — and you will come to rely upon it

Like most dungeon crawlers, there are a variety of different enemies, my favorite being a bug with a light-up butt. It lights up whatever room it is in and, once dead, makes the room more dark. Some boss-style monsters also appear in the game, challenging your sword skills.

Spikes pop through the floor and can do damage to your limited life, so you need to watch out for those. At points in the game, they can even block the path you need to take, not retracting into the ground. Various statues of gems also dot around different rooms of the dungeon. These gem totems primarily seem to affect spikes, triggering them to be permanently up or down, depending on the gem.

Dragon's Crypt Gameplay

As you explore the dungeon, you find more chests, giving you even more abilities. While you can push and break normal crates, stone crates cannot be moved by your little hands or broken with your sword — you must find a new item to get them out of the way. Some chests just have keys in them, which unlock doors and open up new areas. There are currently no checkpoints in the game, however chests can sometimes refill your health.

Dragon’s Crypt, at the state in which I played it at Nordic Game 2018, was just in its beginning stages. It has nailed the general dungeon-crawler vibe, acting like most other polished dungeon crawlers. My hope is that the developer starts adding some unique features or their own twist to make it stand out from the dungeon crawlers already out there. In its current state, though, it is a fun little game!

You can take on Dragon’s Crypt for yourself online or check out the developer’s other work on their website.

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