Decksplash, New Game From Bossa Studios Flips To The Kick, And Shuvit’s To A Pop

Probably the most creative title I’ve done for a news post, but Bossa Studios have announced their new game, “Decksplash” and have launched a trailer to go with the news.

Bossa Studios, known for their Surgeon Simulator, and I Am Bread titles have pushed a trailer for a brand new game titled, Decksplash.

Decksplash brings 3 v 3 arcade style multiplayer action, players will take part in events that requires landing high scoring tricks. Successful lands will cover the area in your team colours paint, and the opposing team will be working against you trying to get more paint coverage.

The game features a type of finger skateboarding theme along with the Tony Hawks Pro Skater Graffiti gamemode. The higher the score, and the bigger the combos, the more coverage the paint will span. With dynamic controls, players can take total control of their boards, creating completely unique tricks.

There is a shockwave feature where riding through your teams paint will lead to a build up, eventually causing a shockwave that will stop your opponents combo if they hit it. It’s all about teamwork and building up the paint coverage.

Skateboards are customisable, and there appears to be some very snazzy looking ones already. The game is getting ready to head for a playtest, and you can sign up to take part by going here.

Source: Steam Store Page

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