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Death of the Reprobate – Earn your fortune

From the creator of Four Last Things and The Procession to Calvary comes a new, point and click adventure game full of humor, with the style of Renaissance paintings. If you enjoyed the developer’s previous two games, you will surely enjoy Death of the Reprobate as it follows the same humor, has the same amount of polish, and features bizarre stories as with the previous games. Death of the Reprobate has you playing as Immortal John’s only surviving heir, who is going to take over the throne — you think.

In Death of a Reprobate, you start off minding your own business, deciding what to do with a bunch of individuals who have broken various laws. You can pick a lot of strange and funny punishments, with your right hand man complimenting everything you do. Then, you are delivered a message about your father, who wants you by his side in his last dying moments. Excited, you decide to go visit him.

Death of the Reprobate

Immortal John has decided that you need to do a bunch of good deeds before anything can be left to you, which is against what you have been doing up until this point. Now, you need to interact with commoners and help them with their unique and interesting problems. In the limited demo of Death of the Reprobate that I got my hands on, I was able to see who I needed to help as there were big red arrows above their heads — a very silly thing that is also addressed when you ask the person holding the arrow about it. 

A lot of this humor and story is shown in a bunch of different ways — the contrast of the art style paired with the writing style brings a lot of juxtaposition. The tasks that need to be completed are quite funny as well, and have you on a very interesting quest to possibly be a better person. It’s worth noting that Death of the Reprobate does take place in the same world as Four Last Things and The Procession to Calvary, but can be played without playing the previous two games. You just might recognize some of the characters you see if you know the other games.  

You can currently Wishlist Death of the Reprobate on Steam.

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