Born of Bread – Born today, yet causing chaos!

A one day old bread golem is an unlikely hero, but any hero will have to do when a massive plot lasting over the last few thousand years suddenly plays out.. You’re right in the middle fo it, and it’s up to you to save the world! Born of Bread is a funny, 2.5D adventure game where you play as a bread boy, who has been born into a castle that’s currently being attacked by strange beings who want a very specific gem.

A gem, that is, that you actually have a hold of (it was shiny, after all) and because of that you are the target of these people’s rage. But let’s back up, who are these strange beings? At the beginning of Born of Bread, some pesky humans who have too much curiosity open up a tomb. Inside, there are four characters who seemed to have lived in the area of the palace that Bread was created in. They used to own the gem, and can use it to take over the world, or something, so are looking for it again.

Born of Bread is actually a really funny game, full of so many quirky elements. Your bread dad is so happy to have a son, and will protect you at all costs despite not really knowing what is going on. You, yourself, are a child — curious and always getting into things. There are also other characters that you can find as you explore around, with their own stories and wishes. The story does have threads of growth and consequences, but is also joyous and funny. Each character has different abilities, which they can use to help you continue forth on your quest. Most of the time, that’s dealing with problems as soon as they crop up, instead of having a long-term plan.

When it comes to combat in Born of Bread,  it’s is a bunch of different mini-games, giving you a little bit of instructions before you start. Your loving dad actually teaches you and your new friend how to fight while lost in the forest, which is an adorable thing to read. Many of these minigames require your reflexes to be good, but after a few rounds, it’s easy to get used to this!

Born of Bread

I got the chance to play a bit of Born of Bread at Gamescom, where I really enjoyed both the story and environment within the game. You can actually play the demo on Steam. Though there is not a set release date, if you like quirky adventure games with joyful stories, Born of Bread is worth wishlisting on Steam.

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