DARQ’s Second Trailer Is A Creepy Lucid Ride!

Here’s one that slipped under our radar, but now we’ve caught wind of it we just had to share it.

DARQ is a psychological horror game in a side scrolling set up, developed by Unfold Games. It tells the story of a young boy, named Lloyd, who becomes aware that he’s dreaming. Within this lucid state, the dream descends further, and further into a nightmare, with Lloyd attempting to wake himself up. In doing so, Lloyd realises that he can survive with a mixture of stealth, and by also bending the laws of physics within the dream world, and “manipulating the fluid fabric of the dream world.”

The gameplay seems incredibly immersive, and as a result, the game focuses heavily on sound as some levels appear to be set in total darkness, with Lloyd having to listen out carefully, determining where sounds are coming from to navigate his way through. It looks incredibly creepy, with an almost artistic, Tim Burton’esque feel to the artwork. The characters are 2D hand-drawn models that are moving sideways around a 3D environment.

The trailer for DARQ shows a very strong focus on the light, with the source exhibiting a haunting lens flare, and the light rays lighting up very little of the way in front of you in an eerie coverage of luminous white light. The overall games movement appears to be very slow moving, almost loose and serene, then we see the boy being violently attacked and pulled away by a creature. The camera shakes, rotates, and follows him as he’s pulled into the darkness. Oh, the soundtrack has been written by Wlad Marhulets, the composer behind the films, Hitman: Agent 47, SabotageThe Giver, and many more.

This game looks like an incredibly interesting experience, and it’s set to creep you out when it releases. The release date is yet to be announced, but the website states they plan to release later in 2017. With what they already have, it will be interesting to see just what else they can throw into addition to an already wonderful looking game.

You can find the trailer below, be sure to leave a comment here and let us know what you think!

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