Corvus Belli Tease New Miniatures Coming For Tabletop Wargame Infinity

Infinity, the tabletop wargame from Corvus Belli is getting a load of new miniatures. Let’s have a look.

Corvus Belli’s, Infinity is to be getting some new miniatures in June 2017, and they’ve shown off what players can expect to see in a Facebook Album. Below are only a small fraction of what is available to see over in the Facebook Album.

The new releases coming this June are,

  • Caldedonian Highlander Army Starter Pack (Six miniatures)
  • Bagh Mari Unit HMG (One miniature)
  • Hassassin Ayyar (One miniatures)
  • Zeros Re-Pack (Two miniatures)
  • Ninjas Re-Pack (Two miniatures)
  • Danavas Hacker & Karkata Remote Ancillary Unit (Two miniatures)
  • Steel Phalanx 300 Point Pack Re-Pack (Nine minatures)

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