CLeM wants you to find beauty for a strange voice

CLeM is a mysterious, point and click adventure game that starts with you searching for something beautiful for a creepy voice that has appeared in your head. You wake up in your basement, unsure of who you are or what your purpose is. A voice guides you, saying “bring me something beautiful.” There is also a notebook, which you found in your own head, that shows different bugs in it, which might help you.

You must then explore the entire house, looking for objects to help you solve various puzzles dotted around. I found CLeM to have quite challenging puzzles, as none of the answers were very straightforward and a lot required different thinking and challenges. CLeM is haunted by the voice, which appears if you are entering areas you shouldn’t be in yet or if you need a reminder of what they want.

The voice acting in CLeM brings a lot of polish to the game, where the creepy yet soft voice is shrouded in mystery. Who are they? Where are they? Why do they want something from you? There aren’t a lot of clear answers or a way to communicate with the voice, but you will be following it anyway, hoping it’s not something bad.


I got the chance to play some of CLeM at Gamescom, on the Indie Arena Booth, were I did enjoy my time with it! I was very surprised that the voice actor for the mysterious voice wasn’t a professional voice actor, but was the developer herself. 

From what I saw of CLeM, I am excited to see where this mysterious world takes me and what come next. There is a release date for Q4 of 2023, but you can wishlist the game and play the demo on Steam right now.

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