Civilization VI: Spring Update Adds Macedon, Persia, and a Scenario Pitting the Two Against One-Another

Over the last few days Firaxis have been releasing updates and trailers pertaining to the Spring content drop for Civilization VI. 

The DLC pack, set to release later in the year, will be free for players who bought the Digital Deluxe version of the game, and will include two new civilisations to play as, and a new scenario which pits them against one another.

First up is Cyrus II with Persia. His armies are buffed with Immortals, his lands with The Pairdaeza, and his unique ability gives him bonuses to trade-routes when Political Philosophy is unlocked, as well as a free trade route; he’s also geared up for surprise attacks, with his troops getting bonus movement, and the nation receiving less of a penalty for the declaration.

Secondly comes Alexander of Macedon, who has unique units in The Hypaspist and Hetairoi, a unique building in The Basilikoi Paides, gains a boost per city conquest, and receives less war weariness.

Both of the new nations are put to use in the new scenario, which sends you down a path of repeating Alexander’s rapid expansion through the known world during his brief stint as leader of the Macedonians. You can see a guided developer guide through of it on the Civilization YouTube channel.

Those who don’t already own Civilization will be pleased to know that there’s now a demo available for the game, those curious can check out its Steam page through below.

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