Chivalry 2 — Hints & tips to keep you alive on the battlefield

Whether you decide to fight for the blue of Agatha or the Red of Mason, there is no doubt the world of Chivalry 2 is a brutal unforgiving war zone where one slip can make the difference between life and death.

Not to worry though as the team at B3 have braved the battlefields to bring you some tips straight from the front line which should help you survive the brutal conflict to come. So let’s get into it.

Chivalry 2
For the Agatha !!

Don’t be too proud to turn and run. It seems obvious but most players continue to drive forward in Chivalry 2 after an initial skirmish depletes most of their health. Even though your health only regenerates to around 60%, many of the player skills such as the Trumpet or the Banner deployed by the Knight class will heal those in the vicinity allowing you to dive right back in at full health.

Communicate or even better, party up. Knowing what other players are doing, thinking and focusing on is massively helpful as even though players can block attacks from multiple enemies; they can’t block from the back. So partying up with a friendly player massively increases your odds of survival.

Funnel Enemies. No matter your skill you will be at a massive disadvantage when you encounter multiple enemies in Chivalry 2. So use the environment, back up against a wall to avoid back attacks and use walls, alleys and rooms to your advantage so they need to come at you either in a straight line or one at a time making survival more likely.

For the Mason’s !!

Play to strengths. When playing Chivalry 2, don’t go diving into the fray as a bowman, you’ll just hand your life away. Instead use your distance and patience to pick off enemies, usually ones preoccupied with another player if possible. Each class has specific strengths you should be able to realise quickly and focus your activity on. That also goes for class variance, just because you unlocked another play style doesn’t mean you should move from a class you have success with. The crossbow for example; plays massively different to the initial bowman class. It hits harder but reloads are much slower. Depending on your aim the new class might be a step back for you.

Kicking is great. Although blocking and riposte might sound like the way forward, most players forget about the kick. Dropping the boot after a few blocked swings mixes things up and leaves your opponent reeling long enough for a free attack with the lighter weapons.

Tactical deployment. You can rack up some pretty quick kills with some of the AOE specials available to you in Chivalry 2 but stupidly just dropping one in the middle of the field is a wasted effort. Instead look to either a bottleneck where the enemy has to come through or in front of a gate the enemy has to breach. Dropping one on the walls where players have to land after scaling a ladder or siege tower is a great trick to maximise your points.

Chivalry 2
My Axe !

Objective Focus. In many of Chivalry 2’s modes you will need to deplete enemy tickets. On others you can die as many times as you want whilst there is time on the clock. On these even a single hit on a target like prisoner cages or gates can make a difference. Although you might not rack up massive kills; you will get a great bonus score against your rank for a win.

Free Ammo. Having to run around, risking life and limb, to get to an ammo cache is pretty harsh but a reality of the Chivalry II world. Did you know though that you can pick up weapons and ammo from walls and floors after you dispatch an enemy or miss them and hit thin air. The prompt to pick them up also appears when arrows and weapons fly past you so a canny player could replenish their ammo from another player’s missed shots. Throwing weapons at players running away works the same, miss them and pick it up to throw again or hit them and you can retrieve it from their body — dead or alive. Finally, the corpses littering the levels can be hit to detach the head for a free throw — morbid but useful

Free Kills. Most levels have hanging torches, sacks or bodies. Hitting the chain or rope with a well aimed arrow or weapon throw will usually detach them. Gravity does the rest and it’s easy to rack up a few kills when a group gathers under them mid skirmish; just try to avoid killing your own troops.

Positioning Advantage. Although in general you are not meant to scale certain areas, it’s actually possible to use the bowman’s brazier to stand on and get that added height required to scale some walls and buildings. It’s going to be harder for some classes to hit you up there but you might stand out like a sore thumb to another ranged character.

A brutal but often hilarious take on medieval warfare, Chivalry 2 is out now on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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