Chaos Tavern, cooking up a fireball

Do you ever have that thing where you get drunk and mistakenly sign a legally binding contract with a wizard? Well in Chaos Tavern you, along with 3 other friends are given a tavern by a wizard, and now you need to deal with the issues that come with the running of a tavern in a fantasy world.

During the day you must serve customers, cook food and keep your potion barrels full. It’s not just that either, slimes will try and break into your tavern, cat bandits will turn up to try and raid your gold, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the full extent of the tavern, as well as keep your coins safe (by literally putting them into your lockroom).

Lil too crispy on that there steak dragon boy
A dragon is blowing fire into a top down tavern

During the night you have to do all of the terrible chores that come with running your own small business, each player choosing one of the four tasks to do that night. Each task has a small decision to make, these range from getting to place tidy through to  deciding whether to chase after a thief who stole your loot. These little decisions can either go good or bad. If they go well then they can result in you getting extra loot or a more efficient tavern in one way or another. If they go badly however then they can provide a small negative which will be a set-back for the next day.

These end of day events are  a fun addition to the game, and add a bit more decision making onto your plate. It gives you a chance to change how you play for the slightly long term, normally resulting in all of your friends either congratulating you or throwing empty cans at you.

Chaos Tavern was showcased at PAX AUS is currently in development, but you can sign up for more information via its newsletter.

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