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Running a hospital in Two Point Hospital‘s infamous Two Point County is no small feat. Once you have made your way through the ominously easy-going stages, you will start to reach more challenging hospitals in need of your help. If you’re like me, and you enjoy the feeling of having the best hospital you can before progressing onto the next level then, you are definitely a bit of a completionist, and this tips & tricks article should be perfect for you.

But, once your hospital is booming and enormous, and you have patients dying on you left and right —dropping like flies all over the place — it might be time to sit and strategize. If you already do, right on! Unfortunately, many people have a habit of just building everything and waiting for the patients, and then eventually just have a hot mess of a hospital somewhere down the line. Poor layouts, poor management, and not enough janitors or refreshments. I decided to start a hospital from scratch and take my time with it, and read into as much as I can, and get into the finer details for management overall. Here’s some important lessons to consider before starting your career in Two Point Hospital.

Hiring the right staff

Hiring and organizing your staff is of the utmost priority in Two Point Hospital. Making sure that you are getting a strong start and hiring (somewhat) responsible and qualified staff is always going to help you out in the long run. At first when I started out, it never occurred to me that when you hire staff members, they have what seem like funny little personality traits. Some are just silly, but I did not realise that practically all of them serve a purpose. Making sure you scroll over and check on who you’re hiring is important, since you don’t want to hire staff that depress your patients, or are prone to slacking off, or perhaps being a cheeky little so-and-so and wanting raises after raises for what might perhaps be, poor doctoring. 

Two Point Hospital

Now, that’s not to say that all your staff are going to have purely positive traits. Many will maybe have two positive traits, and one that isn’t so amazing either. Maybe they have fantastic rapport with patients and they are very hygienic, but perhaps they enjoy slacking off, or arguing with others. Any member of staff can have almost any combination, and it’s not always worth holding out for a picture-perfect person to appear, as you might urgently need more staff once your patients start rolling in by the numbers. Trying to avoid hiring shoddy staff will always help. 

Building the right rooms

Building effective and ergonomic rooms can also be just as important as hiring staff. Although the size and the contents of your diagnostics or treatments rooms each have an effect, strategic placement is also quite important. I realised this once I realised a lot of my GP’s practices were either too squashed together or spaced too far apart. Some think that squashing them all together to be a good idea, and to be fair, depending on the initial layout of the hospital you have, it’s an effective approach to go forward with. But as the game progresses, the layouts become increasingly difficult as a challenge, and task you with being a bit more creative in how you build your rooms.

What I’ve found to be successful, is to try and spread your GP practices out as evenly as you can with whatever layout you have been tasked with. Try to avoid making two right next to each other, unless it compliments the rest of your layout. But make sure you have at least one GP practice per building, otherwise patients may waste a lot of time walking back and forth between various diagnosis rooms, and literally drop dead. 

You might also notice that on certain levels, you will have a lot of patients needing treatment rooms over others. For example, you might have a lot of patients that need pharmacy rooms more than others. Keeping a close eye on what sort diseases are walking through your doors can be a good indicator of how many types of treatment rooms you will need. Whilst on the topic of treatment rooms, a blunder I used to make was building almost every single one I could build right from the get-go of the level I was on, just to save time. Big mistake. Having a treatment room that might not even get used for a long time is a big waste of time, space and resources. It’s a good idea to just build treatment rooms when and where they are needed.

Prioritising the right patients

Patients. The cause of all your problems in Two Point Hospital. But, in fairness, there wouldn’t be a game to play without the residents of Two Point County and their many weird and wonderful ailments. Managing your patients is one of the trickiest aspects of the entire game, and it can be a little bit of a pain too. Keeping your patients happy, quenched, entertained are all practical and easy ways to start off managing your patients. Make sure you’ve placed some entertainment objects around your hospital, as well as vending machines. Also make sure you invest in the fancier vending machines with your kudosh, as some have fantastic benefits to your patients and even to your staff. 

A strategy that I have with dealing with patients on death’s door is a little iffy looking, but it can be effective. When you check out your patient list showing all current patients within your hospital grounds, set it so the sickest and most at risk are at the top. If they have a high diagnostic chance of cure (and they are not imminently above to kick the bucket) send them for treatment! Even if it doesn’t work, at least you made some money, and it’s better to have a ghost and have money than to just have a ghost. Another similar strategy I have is to just flat out kick out the sickest patients that are about to croak. When you kick them out, they will not drop dead in your hospital and create more problems for you, and they will just leave. Simple as that. (Even if it is a bit morally… squiffy.)

Researching efficiently

Even though researching is fairly straightforward, there are a few ways to make sure you keep ahead of the curve with each new disease you encounter. Having to build a research room in each hospital can be a bit of an annoyance. However, I managed to find a way around this problem! If you have done well enough on the Milton University Hospital level, at any point in your current hospital you discover a new disease, you can exit the level, go back to the university, and then quickly and effectively research that disease as well as improvements for the treatment rooms for it as well. On my hospital layout on the university, I managed to get a very effective set-up, so I could discover a new disease, switch hospitals, spam the necessary research and then go back to my current hospital and reap the rewards. Easy. 

Two Point Hospital

Completing challenges

Completing challenges can be worth doing as well. The ‘Superbug Initiative’ gives all Two Point Hospital players a chance to unlock extra items that can be used around the hospital. These can be items that could be placed anywhere to help increase attractiveness, or to improve prestige, or even improve diagnosis ability. Okay, I know some of the items that are currently in-game already offer these improvements, and there’s nothing to stop you filling a GP office with medicine cabinets to make your diagnosis power almost 100%. But, for those of us that enjoy the hospital aesthetics, and have a flair for designing our hospitals to make them feel unique. (You know who you are!) then the opportunity to get new items that also have improvements is too tantalising to miss.


Two Point Hospital can be a hairy, gnarly beast to tangle with in the later levels. I wouldn’t say they ever get so difficult that they become unachievable at all. But that’s not to say the difficulty becomes apparent in many different forms; tricky layouts, not-so-amazing staff picks, patients carrying dozens of different diseases, and piles of research to do. With Two Point Hospital now boasting two expansions; one set in the icy tundra of the North of Two Point County, and the harsh deserts of the south that seem overrun by aliens, each offering their own cavalcade of new diseases and treatments and unique challenges to complete. But there are certainly a lot of little things you can do to help make the process easier and manageable.  

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  1. Arno de Klerk says

    This is some of the most sane advice on how to improve the operation of later-stage hospitals by doing things right from the start. What impressed me is that it is advice that even beginners could use, yet, it is not advice that is so inane that more experienced players cannot benefit from it. Thank you also for clear and enjoyable writing, with some nice (almost self-depreciating) jokes in between.

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