Cerebros Hands On — A Fast Paced, Color Switching Shooter

Cerebros Gameplay

Moving around black cubes and white cubes — switching your color to contrast what you want to shoot — and taking aim before you are noticed. Cerebros is a fast-paced shooter where the color of your character controls what you can shoot.

The main feature of Cerebros comes in the fact that you can switch the color of your character from dark to light. If you are light then you can shoot dark characters and boxes — the opposite happens if you are dark. The enemies you fight on can do the same switching however, so you must move quickly and shoot them all before they can land a hit on you. When both you and your enemy are the same character and manage to shoot each other then a shield appears around you, stopping the bullets from killing you.

This balance of color, combined with making quick decisions while running around a field of enemies, makes the game both fast and fun (especially if you are a fan of shooters). You can also sprint and dash around — moving even faster through the field of battle.

In the Insomnia62 version which I recently had the chance to play, you were put through a tutorial to teach you about the color switching before being thrown out into the battlefield. It’s not just a clear field though, boxes are dotted around to take cover behind — but, plenty of enemies are running about, and your prerogative is survival.

So far, Cerebros has the core mechanics nailed. Everything feels fun, challenging, and well balanced. At times, I could even change into the same color, while being shot at, to save myself. I felt like a real master of the game and look forward to where it goes in the future.

If you’d like to follow the development, check out their website and follow @CerebrosG on Twitter!


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