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Burger Party — Burger smashing fun

Slap a plastic burger in hopes of gaining burger ingredients and making the biggest burger! Burger Party is a lovely, fast-paced game where you win by finding matches and having fast reflexes.

This two to five player game has players hunting for the most burger toppings. Mushrooms, tomatoes, burger patties, onions and more are what you seek to make a tasty burger. The gameplay is quite simple — each player has a stack of face down cards in front of them. When it’s your turn, you must flip the top card of your pile up. If it matches any of the other cards on the other stacks then everyone must try and smash the middle burger toy in the hopes of winning the ingredient.

They then get to pick which of the matching cards they want and the card below it will be turned face up, which can allow for combos where players are hitting the burger over and over, grabbing up more cards. Once you’ve gained an ingredient, you will put it in your burger. Your burger is represented by a circular card that’s got a huge bite mark, showing the last ingredient that you ate. The only thing to keep in mind is the colour of the ingredients you’re picking up — you must avoid grabbing two of the same colored ingredients in a row, making this view into the last ingredient quite useful.

Burger Party is a very simple but fun game. Having a plastic burger to squish — one which sounds like a dog toy — adds a lot of fun to the simple ‘Snap’ style of gameplay. This burger is also where the cards are stored, which is a clever use of the gimmick. The burger theme is always welcomed by me, and I had a great time trying out the little game at UKGE 2019. Although the gameplay is short, it’s extremely simple to set up and the time to get to playing is equally short.

Burger Party is a great filler game with a touch of excitement as people race to hit the burger toy.

You can purchase Burger Party on Amazon.

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