Color Smash — Watching words and paint splats

Snap style games are a classic. Quick to play, easy to set up and a great filler when it comes to the time between other games — or just something quick to do. Color Smash is a game that fits this bill. A snap inspired game which has you keeping an eye on color.

This two to six player game has you dividing the deck equally among players. One by one each player place a card from their deck face up into the middle of the table. If the card has the correct word on it — one that is the same color as the paint splats on the card — then everyone will race to smash their hand onto the pile.

That’s basically it. Color Smash is a very simple game where you’re just hoping to use your fast reflexes to smash down on the right card. If you’re fast enough, and correct, the pile will go into your personal points pile. If you smash the middle pile and are incorrect — either the word written is the wrong color or there wasn’t a word at all — you’ll need to place five of your point cards into the middle pile.

The entire deck is pretty nice looking, with a bunch of round, paint splatter cards. The words written on them are somewhat hidden, meaning that players need to look intensely at what’s being placed and act fast when they see something worth smashing. The cards also all live snuggly in a paint tin, further referencing the theming behind the game.

I got the chance to play a bunch of fast rounds of Color Smash while at UKGE 2019. The game is easy to set up and play, and is a great filler for between larger games.

You can purchase Color Smash on Amazon.  

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