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Ares Games have popped their title, Touchdown: Armor League onto Kickstarter with the target set to $50,000. The title brings American Football, or if you’re British, Rugby, to an entirely new environment, bringing power suits, weapons, and crazy takedowns.

Touchdown: Armor League is quite an eye-catching title and the Kickstarter funding ends on May the 7th with $50,000 being the target to get the title successfully funded. At the time of writing this, the title has so far raised $1,100+ with 27 backers with 38 days to go.

The competitive title that brings American football to an arena shooter setting puts players in a 6v6 stadium with various suits to choose from, each coming with their own perks and can be upgraded and modified to your liking, and weapons are involved, bringing even more carnage to the table.

Even the start of matches is chaos with a ball being released from the top of the stadium and with players rushing to grab control of it in the most violent ways imaginable. Passing seems to require some sort of science with players having to gauge distance and how much force they put into their throw. There will be pick ups around the arena that can increase health and skills can work for or against players, with a grappling hook being a good example, either pulling an opponent away from a pass, or pulling a team member towards the touchdown line.

The game will be available on PC, Xbox One, or PS4, as digital downloads. with the PC version to be arriving around November 2017, and then the console versions to be a touch later in the first quarter of 2018.

Stretch goals will be starting from $80,000 and stops at $200,000. Goals include new suits, new animations, game modes, and more.

You can view more details about the title by heading to the Kickstarter page here

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