Boomerang Fu — a cute and frantic local multiplayer

Just as I think that  there are enough arena fighting games, then someone brings a style I just can’t say no to, a theme that I just want to try, and Boomerang Fu was suddenly downloading, waiting to be played.

The first thing I love about Boomerang Fu are the characters; adorable, bright and lovely: An ice cream cone, an eggplant, a banana, avocado, and more. You can choose who you want to be then start facing off against your friends (or bots, if you’d like) in various arenas. These arenas change after each round, adding new challenges like portals or slippery floors, which you will then need to take into consideration when fighting. There are even levers that can be pulled, causing traps to trigger or areas to change.

You might ask what you are fighting with, and the answer is in the title; boomerangs! Slashing with the boomerangs in your hand is good for close combat while throwing them across the arena will leave you defenseless but if your aim is good, it can pay off. Power-ups, in the form of books, appear in these arenas to help a bit more. Many of these power-ups will stay with you for the rest of the rounds, giving you two boomerangs, boomerangs that explode (and can destroy you) or a shield that can help you survive longer. Some power-ups actually jumble controls, which only lasts for a short while but can be very bad if you are trying to survive.

Boomerang Fu does have bots, as previously mentioned, that come with difficulties you can choose. This is handy if you have nobody to play with, and the difficulties mean you can play with younger members of your family and still have a chance against bots. You can play in teams or as individuals trying to survive on their own — it’s all up to you.

Boomerang Fu is a lovely game that captured me with their adorable graphics, but still provided a fun game to play for a little while with friends! 

You can find Boomerang Fu on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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