Blooming Business: Casino sees you managing a cute animal casino!

What better to attract to your business establishment than cute and adorable little animals as staff? In Blooming Business: Casino, you are creating an attractive and fun casino for a bunch of animal friends, looking to spend their hard earned cash on a day out.

You’ve got to build a casino, creating different sections and meeting the requirements to get them running well, all while upgrading your items and ensuring that the place looks nice and plush. You will need to hire various animal creatures who will clean up messes, run different games, cash people out, and otherwise help things run smoothly for guests. Planning out your casino is simple to do in Blooming Business: Casino, as you can easily navigate various menus, find the items that you need for required rooms, and spend your money.

It’s the customers that make the game more complex! The customers that you have at your casino all have different needs and wants — and you will need to monitor these for feedback and to better understand how to make your business successful. Most people do not expect to win at every game they play, but if you have machines that never cash out, people will get frustrated and just leave. If the bar isn’t stocked with a bartender, or there are no more seats, those who are thirsty will find themselves going somewhere else to quench their thirst. 

This creates a big pull of watching the people you have in your casino, upgrading various rooms and areas, following the quests that you are given, and training your staff so that they can be the best they can be. There is a lot to manage, but if you are able to do so properly, Blooming Business: Casino should reward you with a lovely casino full of happy customers, making you heaps of money.

Blooming Business: Casino

I got the chance to tinker around with this tycoon game at EGX this year, where I was attracted by the cute animal creatures that were wandering around the building. The game itself is very easy to understand and really easy to get started with. It does everything I would expect from a tycoon game, so I enjoyed my time with Blooming Business: Casino and look forward to seeing where it goes.

You can check out the demo of Blooming Business: Casino on Steam.

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