Blank Slate is a fun, word-based party game

When it comes to casual party games, ones that you can whip out after a dinner or when you have all of your cousins over, Blank Slate is classic, good fun. The game itself is perfect for all ages and is very easy to set up and follow the rules.

Each player gets a colored board and a dry erase marker. They then can put their name on the scoreboard, on the color that matches their dry erase board. This will be used to mark points that are earned. The game itself is really easy; a box of cards is placed in the middle of the table. There is a draw and discard side to the box, to indicate where cards go.

On your turn, you will draw a card from the draw side and take a look at the two sides of the card. Each side has a word and a blank spot either before or after that word. Once you have chosen the side you want to use, you can reveal that side to everyone and let them write the word they think goes in the blank.

When everyone has filled in their card, starting with the person to the left of the card chooser, they will reveal their board. Your goal is to have one or two matches with other people. If you have three or more matches, you will only get one point, but if you only have a few matches, you will get one to three points on the scoreboard. 

Blank Slate

Knowing the people around you is really helpful in Blank Slate, as there are so many different words that can be in front of or behind other words. Our group has members that have known each other since they were kids, people who are dating, and a few friends. Some have different ideas of humor and different ideas of what would be a common word, which really contributed to what was chosen. 

Things like ‘Pay Blank’ could be Pay Day, Pay Check, Pay Phone and more. It’s really interesting and sometimes frustrating to see what other people actually pick. As you continue to gain points, they can be marked off on the scoreboard, and once someone reaches the end of the line, they win the game. Blank Slate is a fun game, one we played several rounds of and laughed loudly as we revealed the boards to see what other people wrote. It’s one of those fun ones to take out at Christmas time or to take out when you are having a family gathering, just to see what everyone writes. 

Blank Slate

You can find Blank Slate on Amazon.

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