Balance of Kingdoms Hands On — Balance Building and Bombarding in this Curious Multiplayer Title

Balance of Kingdoms

Balance of Kingdoms is a fast-paced physics game where you build up your castle on a small island before fighting against one made by your friend across treacherous waters!

Balance of Kingdoms has made its way to many events, including Play Expo Manchester, GameAnglia, Rapture Gaming Festival and Reading Comic Con. In the multiplayer demo — which is regularly showcased at these events — you get placed right into the action of creating your own kingdom, all while a timer ticks down.

Your land is very limited, as you have decided to build upon a small, flat bit of land balanced on a beam… in the middle of the ocean. Surely it’s easier to rebuild and clean up the damage when it’s not happening on permanent land? Of course, building on such unstable grounds does have its disadvantages. During the building stage, you and the person you are up against have the same amount of time to build on your identical pieces of land. As you drop various bits of building onto the ground, it tilts. You need to manage the balance of your world before the real game even begins — sinking your own island means a huge defeat!

There are a bunch of different types of buildings and items you can drop into place, depending on what strategy you are aiming for and which resources you have an abundance of. Houses give you more humans, for example, who are needed to man cannon to shoot at the other player. Windmills give you more money to buy buildings and weapons with. Castle towers are more difficult to knock over with cannon and wooden pallets make it easier to build on top of other buildings. Once you have built up your land — or the time has finally run out — you begin the epic fight!

Balance of Kingdoms gameplay screenshot
Balance of Kingdoms gameplay

Suddenly, you switch to battle mode, where you can hover your cursor by any of your cannon to activate them! The longer you hold down the button displayed (filling a UI circle), the farther your blast will go.

Knocking over your opponents’ entire kingdom is your goal, but if you start to tilt, you can quickly switch back to build mode and place down some more structures. Once one of you fails to keep your land balanced, the game resets and you can try again.

Balance of Kingdoms has much more planned for its full game, including a single-player campaign mode where you can try to survive as long as you can, while balanced on top of a beam. They also plan to have a free-build mode with no time or gold limits, as well as different themed areas.

Though Balance of Kingdoms isn’t out yet, you can Wishlist the game on Steam or follow development on their Twitter @BalanceKingdoms.

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