Badland Games Announce 8DAYS Now Available For Xbox One

With the release of an exclusive launch trailer, Badland Games have introduced 8DAYS to the Xbox One Store.

8DAYS is a new title by Santa Clara Games that features singleplayer and local multiplayer for two players with a dual stick shooter system. The story follows Wasp and Ghost on a shoot-em-up, explosive adventure.

It was originally released for PC, and Mac last year, and is now available on the Xbox One.

The trailer shows gameplay footage of the retro inspired, heavily pixelated shooter, in which players can move all around the enviroments freely…think Metal Slug but with the ability to move around more than left and right.

The trailer can be found below, and the game is available on PC, Mac, and Xbox One. The full game can be purchased from the Xbox Store or Steam, or you can grab the demo.

Source: Badland Games YouTube

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