B3’s Festival of Tabletop gaming — Win a copy of Sailing Towards Osiris

Hello and welcome to B3’s Festival of Tabletop Gaming — a week-long event where we’ll be celebrating the best of board and card games from the past few years. The tabletop gaming scene has been steadily expanding over the past five years, but since 2016, the scene has exploded, with more new designers, publishers and, ultimately, games than ever before.

At Big Boss Battle, we’ve been bringing you news, reviews and previews for all the best games over the last eighteen months and we’re super proud of you, our readers, for the support you’ve been able to give us since our tabletop coverage began. As a result, we’ve teamed up with Asmodee UK and Daily Magic Games to present you with an incredible opportunity to win a copy of Sailing Towards Osiris, which is one of the most beautiful, unique, euro-style games to be released this year. For more details on how to win, you’ll need to visit our Sailing Towards Osiris review.

In celebration of how exciting we think the tabletop scene is today, we have five excellent reviews lined up for you this week, including:

  • Monday — Fungeon Party
  • Tuesday — Thronestorm
  • Wednesday — Infinity: Operation Coldfront
  • Thursday — Spirit Island and Jagged Earth Expansion
  • Friday — Root

In addition to these fantastic reviews, we’ll also be expanding our normal coverage to include a couple of opinion pieces. These will focus on how to expand your overall gaming experience beyond videogames and into tabletop gaming, plus which games you might want to start with, especially if you feel like you need a few suggestions to help convince your friends and family to play. Those pieces will go live as follows:

  • Tuesday — Video-game crossover — Which tabletop games are best for digital gamers?
  • Thursday — Introducing your friends to tabletop — Which games are best for new players?

As if that’s not enough, we’d also like to celebrate some of our favourite reviews from the last year and a half, as well as remind you that you could win a copy of Sailing Towards Osiris simply by following the link to the review below and following the instructions. You can see all of our tabletop coverage in one place, but for now, here are a few highlights:

  • Sailing Towards Osiris review‘… a unique take on worker placement set on a gorgeous, thematic board, backed by lots of player interaction’
  • Lords of Hellas review‘… probably my favourite area-control game ever and possibly the best game of 2018’
  • Everdell reviewEverdell is a superb game and a beautiful product. It deserves its recently held position in the BGG hotness list’
  • Lowlands reviewLowlands is a game of incredible depth and elegant simplicity, an exemplar for the genre’
  • Zombies, Run! review‘… an excellent, intense experience that gives the feeling of being pursued by zombies’
  • HEXplore It: The Valley of the Dead King review‘The most complete boxed roleplaying experience I’ve ever played’
  • Fog of Love review‘A truly unique game that creates genuine, emotive stories that will be remembered’
  • Rhino Hero review‘… playing Rhino Hero (even without a child in sight) was a blast’

As if that’s not enough to work your way through, our very own Jupiter has also already worked her way through a number of tabletop games with digital remasters. Whilst these are no longer at the same reduced prices they were when she wrote about them, most of them still represent exceptional value for money.


We hope you’ve enjoyed some of the reviews and features we have planned for you this week, as well as those we’ve been producing to date. If you have, then stay tuned for more fantastic coverage as we close out 2018 — from now until Christmas, we’ll be releasing at least three tabletop pieces each week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 14:00) and we are already busy testing out some huge games.

Last but not least, don’t forget to get your entries in to win Sailing Towards Osiris. We wish you the very best of luck. Check out the review for your opportunity to win.

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