Attrition: Tactical Fronts gets a release date – March 7th

The fast-based tactical battler to explode out of Early Access

Fast-based tactical battle-’em-up Attrition: Tactical Fronts is set for a release date of March 7th, it’s creators Cardboard Keep have announced.

Our very own Derek reviewed the Early Access build of the board-game-like title last year and favourably remarked that it “won me over nearly as fast as it takes to complete a battle.”. 

Focusing on bringing forth deep, tactical gameplay and condensing it down to 5 minute battles, Attrition: Tactical Fronts delivers fast and satisfying fun to those who don’t have large swathes of time to dedicate to a strategy game.

Attrition: Tactical Fronts gameplay
Attrition: Tactical Fronts releases 7th March 2018

From Cardboard Keep’s official press release:

Intuitive controls and a straightforward user interface combine to streamline play, and a simple “outcome indicator” previews the likely result of engagements. But players will need to master a variety of unit types with distinctive attributes, and manoeuvre them wisely to exploit strengths and avoid exposing weaknesses, while extracting maximum advantage from the terrain.

Attrition: Tactical Fronts has enjoyed a successful period in Early Access and we’ve been busy finishing off the campaign and listening to feedback from the community,” said Cardboard Keep’s Calum Spring, the Designer and Programmer of Attrition. “Players can now design and upload their own levels to Steam Workshop using the integrated Map Editor to play against friends or an AI opponent, which has proved a popular feature. We’re looking forward to playing community creations ourselves!”

You can view the release trailer below.

Attrition: Tactical Fronts releases on 7th March for Windows, Mac and Linux.



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