Akedo x Pokemon Christmas Shoes make a lovely gift!

Christmas is just around the corner and finding gifts is often something that everyone struggles with! I tend to gift a mix of items, including stuff I know people will use often. Things like a pair of shoes might sound like a simple gift, but when you couple them with cool designs, you’ll end up with something that the person receiving the gift will use and wear! The Akedo x Pokemon Christmas Shoe collection is really well designed, with both Christmas-themed designs and ones that work well for all year too!

Akedo x Pokemon Christmas Shoes come as high-tops, with a few different, key designs. Our favorite two featured Squirtle and Pikachu, both with designs on them that match the classic Christmas jumper designs that everyone wears around this time of year. These high tops are officially licensed, so you won’t be seeing any sort of strange Pokemon faces on them. The designs are done very well, with a good amount of color. The quality of the shoes are also great – feeling quite sturdy and canvased well. There are sizes for both children and adults alike, so if you have a teen or adult who loves Pokemon, you can absolutely pick up a pair in their size.

Akedo x Pokemon

I really love the image of Pikachu on the Pikachu themed shoes, where they are looking up, like when they first saw Ash in the anime! The tiny, Pikachu on the side, made to look like it is knitted into a sweater, is also super adorable – and all of the designs stand out well on the black background of the shoe. The Squirtle Ice Blue shoes have such a good winter feel to them, with tiny, knitted inspired Squirtle designs, a large Squirtle, and a bunch of little snow flakes too! The color scheme on this shoe feels very fitting for winter, matching the idea of snow and ice really well. It also has little waves, which fit Squirtle well, and feel good to wear all year!

Akedo x Pokemon

Having a cute pair of Pokemon shoes is something that I plan on wearing all of the winter and into the new year. There are a bunch of designs including Charizard and Mewtwo that are not Christmas themed, if you are looking for something less specific. Either way, these shoes are such high quality and make for a wonderful gift, any time of year!

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