7 cool games for the Humble Bundle Positive Sale

Humble Bundle is having a big Positive Sale, meaning that games that did well on the storefront are super cheap for a week! We have picked out a fistful of games for you to check out.

Freedom Planet — 50% off at £5.76

Freedom Planet, a Sonic inspired, cartoony, combat-based platformer, takes you through strange worlds where cats are green! In search of the kingdom stone, you must quickly move around each of these retro-inspired levels, grabbing gems, fighting monsters, and trying to stay alive.

Hurtling through Avalice with both robots and aliens alike powerless to halt your momentum is how Freedom Planet deserves to be remembered. It is a genuine opportunity to feel nostalgia in new surroundings.

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Purchase Freedom Planet in the Positive Sale.

Victor Vran — 75% off at £3.99

Victor Vran is an isometric Action-RPG where you become a demon hunter, looking to save your world from powerful, deadly creatures. With a variety of weapons, and some friends — if they will join you — you can try to stay alive, collect outfits and weapons, and see what your destiny holds.

Victor Vran challenges normal hack-and-slash conventions by passing the majority of the difficulty curve to the player; at the same time, the equip system streamlines skill and class systems into an accessible format which not only removes the need for a large amount of menus, but also allows you to essentially completely change up your character on the fly. These features make the game extremely accessible and malleable.

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Purchase Victor Vran in the Positive Sale.

Astroneer — 20% off at £12.59

Astroneer, currently in early access, takes you to distant planets where you must gather resources, build a base, and explore. You are looking to explore the frontiers of space in hopes of making it and getting rich.

Gameplay-wise this game out shines all games in this genre of interplanetary exploration. Yeah, I’m looking at you No Mans Sky. While you have lots of planets to explore, you can’t do much with ’em and that’s where ASTRONEER changes things. This is a game where you can deform terrain, strip resources, or just collect what you need. Alien life forms aren’t in just yet but no doubt they will be in a later patch.

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Purchase Astroneer in the Positive Sale.

Lamplight City — 15% off at £9.68

Lamplight City is a Victorian era inspired, steampunk-ish point and click adventure game that puts you in the shoes of a detective trying to keep a level head. Your partner has just died, and continues to haunt you, as you take on other cases and try to figure out what is going on in this town.

On the way, the likeable Miles and the setting will keep you entertained — even if Miles is a bit cliché, being a former detective (because of course he is) who drinks too much (because of course he does). Additionally, Lamplight City’s fairly decent soundtrack and voice acting accompany you.

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Purchase Lamplight City in the Positive Sale.

Avorion — 25% off at £10.19

Avorion, currently in early access, takes you into a galaxy that has been torn apart due to a huge, catastrophic event. Nobody ventures to the center of this destroyed galaxy anymore — it is far too dangerous. But now, aliens have come along and there are rumors of a new metal called Avorion. You must venture into the center and get some for yourself…

Avorion will make you sweat and cry a lot as you will find yourself dying a lot, but when you do die you learn from your mistakes, you learn that you can make your ships lighter or heavier, which all really depends on how you want to play. Heavier ships obviously have more armour/hit points, but you need lots more inertia to move; that means a lot more thrusting power. Lighter ships mean that they take less hits to destroy and as a result are also a lot more nimble.

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Purchase Avorion in the Positive Sale.

For the King — 35% off at £10.06

For the King challenges you to try and restore peace to a now chaotic kingdom. A citizen of the land, you have risen up to help defend your home from the monsters that have been making their way towards your home. Through turn-based combat, you must attack, heal, and see how far you can make it for your king.

While For The King‘s combat certainly channels the aesthetics of that fondly remembered genre — with instanced combat, status effects and the two sides lining up opposite one another — it has plenty of merits to make it memorable. For The King features a focus system which runs through the entire game, a pool of points for each character which can be used to increase the effectiveness of any move in combat — enough to turn a narrow miss into a critical hit.

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Purchase For the King in the Positive Sale.

Disc Jam — 50% off at £5.49

Disc Jam, a fast paced, action-sports game, sees you playing against other players in a combination of air hockey and tennis. You must grab glowing discs and get them into the other player’s end zone. Either locally or in person, you and your friends can try to defend their zones and use abilities to keep each other on their toes.

The throws are where it gets really fun, though, and starts to incorporate elements you might expect to see in a fighting game. Using a combination of quarter and half circles, you can really put some crazy spin on your shots. So a quarter turn from the bottom right makes the shot curve to the right — but in a different style to the triggers, as it curves, then carries on in a straight trajectory — and aims to throw your opponent off.

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Purchase Disc Jam in the Positive Sale.

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