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6 wonderful games from the Humble Bundle Female Protagonist Sale


Humble Bundle’s newest sale is focused all around games with female protagonists, it’s a vast sale with loads of deals on awesome games. With so many brilliant games out there featuring female leads, we decided to share some of the ones that really stuck out to us that you can get on sale.

Full Metal Furies — 40% off at £9.29

Full Metal Furies is an action RPG with focus on cooperation. You must play with your team, working together to defeat enemies by stringing together combos to deal damage. You can play the game on your own, but it was very much made with cooperation in mind.

Replayability is going to be high on this one. Aside from all the gates, secrets, and treasure hunting to be done. There is also a NG+ mode which makes you bite your fingers off. While I haven’t beaten the game. I would guess somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty to thirty hour experience for overall game time.

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Buy Full Metal Furies.

Steamworld Heist — 67% off at £3.62

Steamworld Heist is a stunning turn-based strategy game where you shoot down your enemies, make trick shots and kill everyone in your way… in SPACE! Between the boss fights, ships to board and different guns to try out, you see a lot of action.

It’s fun, smooth, and well made. I hope this isn’t the last we see of the Steamworld universe and I can’t wait to see what the developer cooks up next. As for Heist, if you enjoy strategy games with a bit of a casual nature I recommend this title easily.

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Buy Steamworld Heist.

Steamworld Dig 2 — 30% off at £10.49

Steamworld Dig 2 is a platforming adventure game where you search for your lost friend, a steambot, and gain riches along the way. This wonderful game lets you dig around the world, searching through caves and taking on enemies.

Steamworld Dig 2 refines itself perfectly. I honestly doubt they could top themselves after this game. I obviously highly recommend this game to just about anyone. Especially fans of the original game. There is no doubt that the developer poured some of their heart and soul into this game. Like I said at the beginning, there are games that are just hard to put down and Steamworld Dig 2 is one of them.

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Buy Steamworld Dig 2.

The Flame in the Flood — 70% off at £4.49

The Flame in the Flood is a rogue-lite survival game where you must look for resources to craft into things to help you survive. You must continue moving forward, avoiding rain and taking on wildlife to stay alive.

The Flame in the Flood is a fantastic survival experience, and even though at times it doesn’t feel balanced it is hard to not be further drawn in by the audio and visual efforts of the team. Each of the game’s islands are short experiences, making it a perfect game for short play sessions during the commute — a fine addition to most people’s Switch libraries.

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VA-11 HALL-AL: Cyberpunk Bartender Action — 33% off at £7.69

VA-11 HALL-AL: Cyberpunk Bartender Action is a story-driven game that puts you behind the bar in a cyperpunk, post-dystopia world. In it, you stir up drinks, meet amazing and interesting people and live your life. The stories and characters are interesting and the game is well written — this is one of my all-time-favorite games.

This game is the kind you can jump into when you have some spare time, as it is broken up into small convenient chapters or shifts in this case. One of the features of this game that I like the most is actually the main menu interface (where you can save/load). It is shown as Jill’s room and you can access her phone to read Glitch City news, blog posts and play the soundtrack.

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Buy VA-11 HALL-AL: Cyberpunk Bartender Action.

Virginia — 90% off at £0.69

Virginia is a first-person thriller which puts you in the place of an FBI agent who is investigating a missing person in a small town. You and your partner will need to uncover the town’s secrets to find the truth behind what has happened. This experience will shape both you and your partner’s lives.

If you are expecting a straight up detective jaunt, look elsewhere. If you are looking for an beautiful looking (and sounding) exercise in narrative, with clever pacing that’ll grip you and shake you around for just under two hours, then look no further because Virginia is what you seek.

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Buy Virginia.

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