5 Minutes Rage Beta Is Now Available

Indomitus Games have announced that their multiplayer side on shooter sports title, 5 Minutes Rage is now available as a beta.

5 Minutes Rage is a multiplayer title that seems to have taken inspiration from games such as Soldat, and puts four players against each other in a two versus two arena, or a one versus one arena, and they fight for control of a ball that is propelled from their cannon arms and towards their goals.

Players take control of, “Junkbots” who are equipped with machine guns and explosive bullets as well as thrusters and shields. All elements that can work in favour or against the player depending on what happens. It looks incredibly frantic, and looks like a game you can really find yourself getting into the 80’s themed graphics, and passing the ball and tackling it out of other players hands.

5 Minutes Rage’s beta, which players can sign up to here will be able to join both online and local matches every Thursday at 17:00 – 23:00 UTC. The trailer can be found below, and all I know in regards to a release date is that it’s “coming soon”.

Source: Press Release

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