You can take on puzzles or explore a world in Adventure in Aellion

Based around the concept of combining the wistful open worlds of the Zelda series with a multiplayer experience, Adventure in Aellion is an open world game full of puzzles and adventure, which you can take on alone or with a friend. 

Adventure in Aellion contains a large world, with various different objects to interact with. After creating a character I hopped on a horse and started off into the forest, when off in the distance I saw a grey castle. I then raced towards this castle at lightning speed, leaving my horse behind to start exploring.

Going into the castle with my friend, we started taking on the various puzzles and traps that have been left around in the ruins. Many of these puzzles have loads of jumping, parkour elements, which isn’t my strong suit, but having somebody along to help out with these puzzles is a big benefit. One player can take on the workload of the puzzles, advancing the progress in that area, while others concentrate on different elements.

Adventure in Aellion

At the end of the puzzles in Adventure in Aellion, you can find new tools, abilities and sometimes various characters dotted around. The world is quite big, meaning that if something isn’t working out, you can just dot around to a new location. Why not kill some time by checking out some campfires or visiting that building in the distance? 

Adventure in Aellion is still in its earliest days. The demo that I played at EGX was a good look at the core of the game. One of the puzzle castles were included, as well as parts of the world around it. 

Adventure in Aellion is currently in Early Access on Steam.

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