Wooden Nickel sees you living through newspapers in the wild west

Wooden Nickel, by the developers of Burly Men at Sea, takes you into a simplistic looking wild west, where you can explore loads of strange adventures.

This narrative adventure puts you in the shoes of a traveller, looking to explore the old west. You’ve got off your train and first need to pick an inn to stay in. Wooden Nickel‘s different inns each have various descriptions and prices, but as soon as you have picked one of them there is no going back.

This place is mainly empty, with not much around it seems. When it comes to finding adventures to fill your days, you’ll end up looking toward your newspaper, finding various stories that stick out to you. Depending on the time of day that you choose to go to these advertised things, you will be given bits of story about the people that live in this town. Some stranger is claiming the sighting of a strange creature — you can decide to check it out, or see a court trial. Beware, being late for the trial might cause the judge to ask you to pick up a package for them…

Depending on what you pick and what you end up doing, you develop relationships with these characters, but your hours and days are limited, so you will need to choose wisely. At the start of the next day, you are also given a new newspaper filled with more absurdities for you to follow.

The Day of the Devs area was showcasing a brilliant demo of Wooden Nickel, which I got to play at GDC. The style and writing of the game is very well done, even in this little demo, and it really piqued my interest. You can keep an eye on the game by signing up to their newsletter.

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