Wind Up has you battling tiny wooden robots.

Tiny robots, each hoping to be the best toy of all, fighting it out between them. Wind Up is a local multiplayer game where two to four players each take the form of little wooden robots, fighting it out against each other on top of a massive table.

At the start of Wind Up, you are able to pick your color and customise your little robot friend. This is through adding some pretty neat hats onto their heads — from cages to top hats, this little bit of customisation is a nice touch before your robot gets completely destroyed.

Once you have the look you desire, you’ll be placed onto the table with all of the other robots you’re fighting against. Battle is pretty easy; you can charge up your punch (winding yourself up) before releasing it to knock another robot to pieces. When being attacked you can also dodge away in the hope of surviving. Basically, staying alive and not being hit to death is the best plan, as once you fall apart you’re out.

Wind Up was made as the final student project by Kristan Elvin, who had previously focused on puzzle games but wanted the challenge of 3D modeling and creating a local multiplayer. This game was an experiment in growing his skillset and expanding his portfolio.

I got the chance to play Wind Up at Norwich Gaming Fest 2019 and found it to be a pretty fun little game! The graphics and the way the robots were destroyed was pretty nice. Though there were some rough bits that could use a bit of polish, as an ambitious student game it really does well.

You can follow Kristan’s other projects on their website.

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