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What on Earth is The Atari Box?

A video surfaced on the Internet just before E3 2017 began, and while I caught wind of it while views were at 100+, I was unsure whether it was real or not. The official channel only had double digits in subscribers, and the animation, while incredible quality, felt a little…like some concept art practise by a 3D designer. Turns out, it’s a real thing though.

The Atari Box is something I’ve been waiting for more confirmation on before running an piece on it, and well, it’s time.

The Verge has confirmed that it’s a real thing after an Atari representative gave the thumbs up that it’s real. The video below doesn’t give much away, in fact it’s just a nice look at what the console may look like, plastic grooves, wood or wood effect plates, and an Atari logo on the face that lights up! Everyone likes light up things.

We’re told it’s “coming soon” at the end of the video, but that could mean details or the actual console, if it even is a console that is. With Nintendo’s recent move into the mini console market, could Atari be doing the same? Either way, The Escapist had confirmation from the CEO of Atari, Fred Chesnais, that the company are getting back into the Hardware business.

I’ll be keeping eyes out for more details when they arrive.

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