Titanfall: Frontline Officially Cancelled by Nexon

Titanfall: Frontline, a strategic card game which was based on Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall franchise, has been cancelled by developer Particle City, and publisher Nexon.

I confess to not having heard of the title before now, having completely missed the announcement back in mid-September of last year. While there’s no confirmation on reasons behind the cancellation, outside of comments pertaining to the developer feeling it didn’t properly reflect the IP, it’s possible that the minimal exposure had led to a limited user-base.

Frontline was in a beta state, however following the decision the current servers will close down on January 20th alongside the project.

Nexon, who made the announcement on their Facebook page, later reaffirmed that the relationship between themselves and Respawn is still in place; following a multiple year deal they signed back in late 2015 to make mobile titles for the IP.

Source: Nexon (Titanfall: Frontline) Facebook Page.
Via: Everyeye.it

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