Watch is a perspective-twisting narrative platformer about loss

Watch is a narrative driven platformer, with Fez-inspired controls where you change perspective to progress through the story.

Watch requires that you view the same world from several different perspectives in order to find the way forward, forcing you to regularly break the layout of the world through this viewpoint-shift in order to unlock new areas. At first, you play as someone whose grandparent just died. There is some secret, from what I can tell, inside the house that they lived in, so you open that door to explore. Then suddenly, Watch switches to a futuristic world, a different perspective with different graphics, showing you two people who appear to be in charge of documenting animals.


After exploring each of the animals, including humans, a character states that they’re going to play a game and go to load that up. This game then takes you into the main gameplay of Watch — a puzzle platformer — where you once saw the humans. This human is the grandfather from earlier, funnily enough, but the game pushes you to travel further out and explore. 

This is where the real game begins. Watch is a puzzle platformer where you are able to turn the world to get to new areas. Turning your view can make objects look closer to you, or can stack up platforms that are really farther apart, so you can jump on them and then turn the world again, seeing how far you’ve come. 

This is a challenging endeavor, so there are different objects that can help you get even further. The game doesn’t contain points or a score, instead rewarding you with bits of the story and conversations that mark your progress going forward.


Watch is a very interesting game, it’s just heavily let down by the grammar mistakes in the current English language build. The game has so many unique aspects to it, however, not being able to follow even the individual plots makes it challenging to string them together for the complete story — something the game describes as the biggest puzzle within it. Currently, Watch has just one chapter released, but the developer is planning on adding two more chapters going forward.

You can see what you make of Watch, which can be found on or Steam.

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