Wartile: Amazing Diarama TBS Title Taking a Swing at Early Access; Release Date & Details Within

Playwood Project ApS have announced that their upcoming TBS game, Wartile, will be launching into early access on March 17th.

Wartile, for those unaware, is a turn-based strategy title which sees players controlling a small band of warriors in amazingly detailed cutaway-diarama style landscapes. Everything is nigh pristine, which gives the game an incredible stop-motion style look between turns. It’s got a wargaming/boardgame aesthetic to it in it’s player tokens and scale, however challenging battles are really the byline for the game.

In addition to news of the early access release date, the developers also revealed that they will be adding an in-game store where you can buy new classes, and customise your units with the loot you score from winning, as well as more difficulty features and enemy abilities.

Our very own Brian, is currently prepping a beta impressions piece, which should be live on the site soon; keep your eyes peeled for that.

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