War Dogs: Air Combat Flight Simulator WWII — Drop Torpedos

War Dogs: Air Combat Flight Simulator WW II is a smooth-control flight simulator featuring loads of planes from Germany, UK, USA, Japan and Russia.

I don’t know much about the fighter planes that were around during World War II, but War Dogs: Air Combat Flight Simulator WW II (wow, that’s a long name) seems to have them all. More importantly, to myself anyway, this game contains a really lovely take off system, loads of options and some really lovely voice acting.

The voice acting is the first thing you’ll hear — coupled with some somewhat old-TV-style graphics, you’ll really feel transported back in time. A general walks you through the start of each mission, explaining who the enemy is and what you need to do in that specific sortie, before letting you run free. 

Many of the levels start off with you grounded, so you’ll need to got through all of the engine-starting and take-off procedure before you even get into the air. Others do start you already in the sky, but personally, I really enjoyed the process of lift off and touch down — which also need to be done from time to time. Levels are each different in their own way and not just when it comes to starting in the sky or on land. Some have you dropping torpedoes in order to deter or destroy naval attacks, while others have you battling in the sky or shooting vehicles on the land. These missions are short and do not take much time to get through, which is really a plus when it comes to mobile gaming. There is also a multiplayer mode which works like a dogfight, against loads of people online. 

War Dogs: Air Combat Flight Simulator WW II

War Dogs, of course, does include upgrades for each plane. You can spend an in-game currency (which you can also purchase through in-app purchases) in the factory to upgrade each plane you unlock.

War Dogs is a very polished game, for those who enjoy WW II planes specifically or for those who just enjoy some realistic flight simulation and battling. 

You can find War Dogs : Air Combat Flight Simulator WW II on the Google Play store.

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