Wacky ways to die can be found in Fly Punch Boom!

Knocking down a wall of bones, getting crushed by a pyramid or being caught between two planets kissing — there are a lot of ways to die in Fly Punch Boom!

Fly Punch Boom! is an action packed, two to four player game where you are looking to destroy the other player (or team of two) and keep yourself alive. While flying around each of the various stages you can run into other players and hit one of the buttons on your controller. These buttons then start an attack or defense move as well as trigger an action scene.

During these fights, you’ll see a bar that has a moving pointer going along it. You’ll need to hit the right button when this pointer is in the correct area, then button mash in hopes of successfully landing an attack. The person you are fighting against also gets the chance to do the same, in hopes of attacking, counter attacking or defending the attack completely. A lot of this depends on what button was initially pushed, as that will determine the type of attack and defense that ends up being performed.

If you’re looking to play with three of your friends, you’ll be placed on teams of two that can tag in and out of the arena as needed. This means that every game played is one player vs one player, instead of every person for themselves.

It’s worth talking about the style of Fly Punch Boom! Everything you see is created with a cartoon aesthetic and each of the characters you can play as are pretty wacky themselves; from a gorilla-looking man to a stork with Elvis Presley hair — they are pretty funny to play as. The environment is also really interesting in the way that everything can seemingly hurt or help you, as long as you fly into it at speed and hope to do well on button pressing.  

All in all, Fly Punch Boom! is a really fun multiplayer game with a bit of humor thrown in. You feel like superheros, flying around and battling all in the hope of being the best of the best.

Fly Punch Boom! is coming to PC later this year. You can wishlist the game on Steam below or sign up for the developer’s newsletter.

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