Video Review | Fumiko (Xbox One X)

Indie at its best!

Fumiko! combines 3D platforming with a memorable digital landscape and curious physics and perspective tweaks. Bits, and bytes, and bounding jumps fill the travels of Fumiko, an artificial intelligence trying to uncover the secrets of a virtual world.

Here at B3 we’ve been following Fumiko since it first appeared on Steam Greenlight back in late 2016, and even reviewed the PC version when it launched a little under a year ago.

The reason we’re here today because it has just, recently launched on the Xbox One, which you can find Stefan’s review of above.

For those curious, here is the feature list from the game’s Steam page.

“•16 handcrafted and unique levels giving you a challenge, 14 social areas to explore ranging from small player homes to big public spaces

•Enemy A.I.s seeking your destruction while you escape from the testing lab, unique abilities to bypass them

Fumiko overwriting her jump modules to gain ridiculous jump height, speeding through the air with the dash module

•Collect 26 memory fragments to uncover the mystery behind the network

•Supports the Xbox, Xbox360 and Steam Controller in addition to keyboard & mouse controls”

Fumiko is available now on PC and Xbox One.

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