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Twin Mirror hands on — Play out various scenarios in your mind


Twin Mirror puts you in the mindset of an investigative journalist who has the ability to play out different possibilities and outcomes within his mind.

You play the recently dumped Samuel as he returns to his home town in West Virginia for the funeral of his best friend. His life hasn’t gone uphill since leaving this place and he doesn’t really want to go back to it. Without remembering much, he wakes up in a hotel room — a bloody button-up in the bathroom, no scratches upon himself and no memories of what happened the night before.

You want to figure out what happened in this hotel room and why your shirt is so covered in blood. As an investigative journalist, you can figure out every possible combination of what happened in an area by looking around and entering your mind-space.

This space — where you recreate the rooms you were in or the area you are trying to figure out — is deep within the world of your mind. By moving between this world and your reality, you can investigate items around you and replay what you think happened within your mind. Seeing all the options of what could have happened and putting them together in the right order will bring back your memories and let you understand exactly what went on.

You’re not the only one in your mind, however. A strange figure who seems like a much fancier version of yourself also lives there. He clearly isn’t real — you can even tell him that yourself — but he does play a big role in your mental health. There are bits of your memory he doesn’t want you to see, secrets he tells you off about.

Once you have your memory back in place you can start figuring out what’s going on. Each choice you make will change your relationships, the paths you travel and so much more in Twin Mirror.

Twin Mirror will be out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2019. You can find out more on the Bandai Namco Website.

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