TUBBZ Cosplay Ducks from Numskull

Everyone loves ducks. Everyone loves specific gaming characters or movie characters who can be made into ducks. TUBBZ is exactly this; ducks that are cosplaying as various video game, movie and book characters!

TUBBZ is a very interesting and cute idea. The ducks themselves are super high quality, thick in material, and feel much thicker than traditional rubber ducks. These display models are not exactly bath toys — they do not float — but are meant to be a collectible like Funko Pop, but at a cheaper price tag.

The painting within the ducks are solid and do not look like they’d rub off. Everything is super high quality when it comes to this product. TUBBZ comes in a little bathtub packaging, which you can then display the duck in after you have opened it up. 

These cute ducks have been announced for Destiny, Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Street Fighter, Skyrim, Borderlands, DC Comics, Lord of the Rings and more. There are four ducks for each range, waiting to be collected.

TUBBZ comes in at £12.99 and can currently be pre-ordered.

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