Troublemaker: Raise Your Gang has you balancing fight clubs and highschool.

If you are a fan of the fighting style in Sega’s Yakuza series, then indie game Troublemaker which takes inspiration from Yakuza but allows you to play as a highschooler, might be one to check out. Troublemaker: Raise Your Gang is an action, adventure, beat-em-up with story elements that have you balancing making friends, having a girlfriend, and beating the crap out of anyone that might pick on you.

You were a troublemaker, so your parents have transferred you to a private school that happens to feature a student fighting tournament, called Raise your Gang, that gives you something to focus on. Instead of fighting at random, your parents are hoping that you will be able to take out your aggression in a positive way, and get back to focusing on your studies. 

The combat in Troublemaker: Raise Your Gang is one of the major focuses of the game. You can punch, smash, kick, stomp and otherwise attack your opponent, in limited areas, with combos quickly piling up and charged attacks really dealing out damage. There are a lot of different people and groups of people that will attack you — and you can even kick objects into them from far away.

Troublemaker: Raise Your Gang

You aren’t always alone in the game either, however, as you can make friends with people in your class to create your own gang. These friends of yours don’t just fight; they do homework, become more popular at school and live a normal life alongside you. I got the chance to play a limited demo at The Mix Spring Showcase, where I primarily focused on the fighting aspects of the game — which felt smooth and very much like the game’s inspiration! The idea of having to make friends, do well at school, and fight a bunch of kids does sound like a fun mix of stuff to do as well.

You can currently wishlist Troublemaker: Raise Your Gang ahead of it’s May 31st release date, on Steam.

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