Trifox fuses bright, 90s platformers with a fun, class-led, twin-stick shooter

Trifox takes the bright worlds of nineties platformers and fuses them with a fun, class-led, twin-stick shooter.

Glowfish Interactive were showcasing their debut title, Trifox, at Gamescom earlier this year. The technology-strapped, twin-stick shooter was demoing a level featuring its posterchild Technician class — a goggled fox lobbing mines and turrets around a sandy, sunny beach level while using a back-mounted gatling gun to eradicate hordes of mechanical ruby crabs.

Needless to say, Trifox definitely has a wacky style to it, and its other two classes — warrior and mage — might not seem as crazy, but their intensity and chaos easily match that of the technician. Bolt lightning dances between coves when the mage isn’t spinning in a dervish, while the warrior simply smashes everything into fragments with their massive hammer.

While there was only one level in the demo, it did a great job of showing the variety of the class. Even though the character moved at a steady pace and the enemies rushed forward, the level design of weaving coves and craggy archways did a good job of guiding me through it. Pressure-pad puzzles serve as resting points between the shooting, with the unravelling levels ultimately leading to a screen-hogging boss fight.

We don’t know much about the overarching plot, or even the other levels of Trifox, however if the game can continue to deliver to the standards showcased in the demo, it is definitely a game that fans of ARPGs and twin-stick shooters should be looking out for. Tight controls, intuitive play and a wonderful, bright artstyle are rarely found working as well as they were in its demo.

Trixfox is currently early in development, with no estimate for release date, nor specified platforms. Those interested in finding out more about the game can follow the developers on Twitter @glowfishint.

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