Trash – Morph Your Character

Although the idea of Trash may not be something you find appealing, Trash, the game, is about being in a world full of garbage and using different morphs on your character to overcome obstacles around you. This game is procedurally generated, and in the limited demo I played, it struggled a bit to create worlds that made sense, but I did get the general gist and concept at play.

Trash is simple enough, you are a character that can travel around a large world, finding different spaces to squeeze through. Various resources can also be collected, which are needed to morph yourself to get different abilities. You can attach four different forms to your body, giving you four different abilities to play with. Some abilities allow you to smash items, others allow you to jump further or be resistant to the toxic waste that seems to be all around.


At first, getting the resources that you will need for these upgrades are your main task, before you start using them to attempt to solve puzzles and find your own way through the world. Over time, you start working toward encouraging more of your kind to appear around the world. 

Trash had a demo at a few events around GDC and at GDC itself, but I played it at Courage XL, where I found myself stuck because of the generation, but interested in the different morphs and colorful worlds that I got to check out! 

Trash can be wishlisted on Steam, and also has a free demo that you can download now.

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