The Sims 4 Goth Galore Kits brings out your inner goth

The Sims 4 community is really dedicated to the content that is being created for the game, especially as The Sims 4 is now a free game, with tons of different add-ons that you can purchase to change your experience. Recently, the community had a vote for some new content, which resulted in The Sims 4 Goth Galore Kit being added to the game.

Kits within the game add in stylized clothing for your Sim to use to dress within that theme. The Goth Galore Kit has a ton of different goth clothing that you can use to show off your more moody, gothic side when playing in the game. 

The Goth Galore Kit comes with three pieces of make-up; some really dark lips, blood-red eye shadow, and then black tears raining out of your eyes. I, personally, am not actually a huge make-up person, but really enjoyed the various outfits that you can find within this kit. The lace shirt, with a bunch of corset ties around the side, is just so stylishly goth. I feel like I actually know people with the asymmetric jacket with tons of clasps, and the different chunky black and purple boots are fantastic.

There is a classic leather jacket as well as a crop top with some nice mesh aspects to them, which both feel perfectly detailed. I didn’t care for much of the men’s clothing, but I also don’t really create male sims generally. The little patterned T-shirt felt a bit plain to me. I do think the long coat would work on any Sim and is super stylish.

This mix of goth clothing really feels very sleek and well-made in The Sims 4 Goth Galore Kit. They add quite a bit of dark style to the game, and I found this to be a great choice by the community! The price range isn’t too bad either.

The Sims 4 Goth Galore Kit can be purchased from their website.

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