The Long Reach Announced for PS4 & Vita; Trailer Within

Visit sunny Baervox; home of evil tentacled beasts and lunatic test subjects.

Over on the Playstation Blog the development lead at Painted Black Games, Roman Tomilin, formally introduced The Long Reach before confirming that it would be coming to Playstation 4 & Playstation Vita this Autumn.

The Long Reach follows the story of a junior researcher named Stewart who seems to work at Baervox’s science institute – a building that seems to be at the heart of the strange goings on which have consumed the town. With flailing tentacles erupting from the city’s foundations, former workers slaughtered by others who were driven mad, and strange shadowy creatures haunting the halls, it’s -somehow- up to Stewart to save the town.

The game looks to combine point and click puzzles with horror sequences as players come face to face with lunatics hellbent on killing all they find.

It’s certainly a strange mix, and adventure games killing off the player remains a divisive subject in B3’s halls.

You can find the teaser trailer below, PC players can find a demo here.

The Long Dark is set to launch on PS4, Playstation Vita, and PC, later this year.

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