The Infinite Hotel is an entertaining and clever VR solution to traversal

Between the folds of space there exists a hotel with infinite rooms and a hell of an elevator. As an elevator operator at The Infinite Hotel you’ll be spending a lot of time using it.

The Infinite Hotel, by Italic Pig, is an interesting solution to traversal in VR. Rather than having you teleport about, or jarringly saunter forward in game as you stand still in real life, your character simply exists within one room throughout the game, albeit a room with massive potential due to the infinite floors it can open onto.

Gameplay starts with smaller fetch quests, quirky alien characters having your deliver and collect items from other floors, all while you are trying to do tasks for the concierge. As you become more adept your elevator will travel further faster, an interesting way to gate player progress and ensure that people don’t deep end themselves.

There’s promise of a greater storyline too. I was pitched the game as part of the Pocket Gamer Connects PC Indie Pitch earlier on in the year, where Italic Pig placed first. In the pitch and trailer, it was alluded that a darkness is starting to claim and fill areas of the hotel, something which will give the player a greater purpose as they progress through the game. They’ll go from bellhop to savior as the darkness starts expanding through certain floors, ultimately working toward saving the hotel and understanding the threat.

It’s very hard not to be captivated by a game which uses VR space so cleverly and has such an interesting setting. Hotels, especially large ones, are strange spaces and I feel they always make excellent locations for games. The cinema-style advert for The Infinite Hotel includes the phrase “~ an infinite number of rooms, an infinite number of floors, and an infinite number of things that might go wrong.” It’s a great pitch.

The Infinite Hotel is currently in development for unspecified VR platforms, you can find out more about the game on the developer’s website.

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