Tales from Candleforth brings you into a horrifying world

Tales from Candleforth is a horror-filled 2D point and click adventure game where fairy tales were written in a forbidden book. Now, years later, the text is mixing with the pages of the story itself, twisting them around, and creating a horrifying fantasy world. 

Tales from Candleforth has you playing as Sarah, a teenage girl who has been left alone after her grandmother went missing. She’s found clues that her grandmother may still be alive, and has discovered powers that only the women in her family have had. She now needs to continue to uncover the secrets that her family have left behind.

Your entire world is ripping apart, showing horrific scenes from fairy tales. You need to quickly solve these scenes, figuring out what is needed to make the rips go away. One moment you are writing a letter to your family, the next a crying baby full of roses is screaming and needs you to figure out how to bloom all of the flowers. It’s just wild, creepy, and captivating. The world is hand-drawn too, giving a strange yet relatable feeling to things.

Tales from Candleforth

Tales from Candleforth is a point and click adventure game for those who enjoy challenging puzzles, folk horror, and discovering a world so far from reality that it captivates you. The nightmares mixed in are strange, creepy, and keep you captivated. I only had the chance to play the limited demo at Gamescom, but have been thinking about the game since. 

It’s not a game for everyone, but I do feel it’s one of those games that will end up with a cult following due to the themes and nature of the game. The puzzles themselves are really well made too, with no two puzzles feeling the same. 

You can currently play the demo of Tales of Candleforth on Steam and wishlist the game ahead of it’s release.

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